Whirlygigs On The Horizon…

Steve Smyth
2 min readJul 1, 2022


Can you say hornswoggled?

How about bamboozled?

However you say it, spending countless billions of dollars to install offshore wind generators in the waters along the hurricane besieged East Coast of the United States is the most desperately ridiculous public works project ever foisted on US taxpayers.

It all sounds so good.

Eliminate the burning of poisonous fossil fuels and replace them with clean energy; created out of thin air with no downside.

That’s the bill of goods being peddled by “Green” political hucksters.

There might be one person in a hundred who can explain how this works or why it’s good, and that person is wrong.

Yet, President Joe Biden and numerous Governors of coastal states are all in, lock, stock, and barrel, promoting offshore wind as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Ask any of these ‘leaders’ to explain how it all works.

“Well, the wind blows, the blades move, and electricity comes out.”

Relax, Folks.

The big guys have your best interest at heart.

All will be well.

Trust us!


The purpose of offshore wind is to counteract the effects of Global Warming.

Global Warming is altering ocean currents and creating the perfect environment for stronger and stronger hurricanes along the US East Coast.

The Gulf Stream is getting bigger, warmer, and closer to shore with the advent of Global Warming.

Hurricanes feed off The Gulf Stream as they make their way North along the coast.

Up until now, the further North hurricanes move, the weaker they get.

That’s not going to be true for much longer.

Cape Hatteras has long been the key point where hurricanes begin to lose force and often drift out to sea seeking warmer water to power their fury.

Changing ocean currents will enable future storms to find energy giving warm water further North and closer to shore.

These storms will hug the coast and arrive at NYC with the force previously felt only in more Southern latitudes.

Imagine hurricane Sandy happening yearly, maybe more than once.

AND…here’s the kicker.

These new Super Storms will pass over several offshore wind farms along their path.

The generators planned for these wind farms, built by GE , Orsted, and Siemens, have never been tested in any real time hurricane situation.

GE Haliade X, for example, claims to have received “Typhoon Proof” certification.

That’s truly amazing since there is exactly one GE Haliade X in existence…ON LAND in Rotterdam…where there are zero seasonal hurricanes.

This means that US pols who support offshore wind are using taxpayer dollars to promote a new industry with jobs for everyone, based on total pie in the sky promises based on absolute zero proof of concept.

That’s right Folks, there is absolutely zero reason to believe in this pipe dream of cheap, clean energy.


Steve Smyth