The End of Drudgery…

Steve Smyth
1 min readJan 9, 2023


Right now debate rages over when The Anthropocene started.

I suggest it started the first time a housewife saw that industrialization gave the menfolk cool new machines to ease their labor and provide more drinking time.

In no time flat, household gadgets came on the scene, easing the drudgery of home life and providing women more time to educate themselves and their children.

This led to the realization that easing drudgery and allowing women to be more than chore girls led to new industries making and marketing the household gadgets, and gave men and women more time to be together while at ease.

Talk about changing the world.

The same thought can be easily expanded into the source of Climate Change.

The need for all those gadgets led to plastic and the insatiable quest for more and more energy.

Think about it !