Special to NEFSA…

Steve Smyth
2 min readMay 23, 2023

New England Fishermen Stewardship Association.

This comes after several emails and a long phone call between Jerry Leeman and Yours Truly.

We talked about the impending boondoggle of offshore wind, especially its long term effect on fishermen and the entire fishing industry.

The proponents of offshore wind know, that in addition to the potential threat it presents to fisheries, offshore wind is never going to produce as advertised, yet the scam is too far along for them to admit it.

The more I look at the overall situation, here’s what I think my greatest contribution could be.

Jerry, after you and I talked, I checked out as much as possible about NEFSA, and believe that the network you have created can be instrumental in developing a clearer grasp of where we stand and what is at stake along Earth’s shoreline.

For example, the biggest haul you ever saw is worthless on the boat.

It has to get to shore.

Our coastal infrastructure is fragile at best.

Sea level rise is coming, along with ever stronger storms moving up the coast.

As soon as possible the US must provide funds to those who ply US East Coast waters as fishermen, or other independent marine contractors, by putting them and their vessels to work assessing the current situation from the point of view of those who know and care the most.

They have the most at stake.

We can take the pressure off quotas.

Put fishermen to work on the future while stocks replenish.

Otherwise, there will be no need to repair the coastline.

During this adjustment period, seafood will still come to market, at a sustainable pace.

Fishermen will come to an understanding based on the share and share alike outlook.

Make the best of what’s out there.

Tomorrow’s another day.

I also suggest Tidal Power generators to provide coastal communities with supplemental electricity when sea level rise remediation projects get underway.

All based on the work of the fishermen and marine contractors who teamed up to make something important happen just by force of will.

Plus, it has long range positivity.

My latest suggestion.


Steve Smyth