In this age of overzealous Nationalism, we are suddenly faced with COVID-19, the great global equalizer.

Borders be damned.

You can wear your MAGA hats while chanting OO ESS EY forever.

Do you think we can divert the wall funds towards a huge bubble?

How about lining up soldiers at our borders repeating CO VID GONE over and over?

I suggest we channel the overzealous partisanship everyone seems to love right now, and simply switch to a new chant.

Become a Planetarian.

Repeat these words, Planet Earth ( PLAN IT EARTH ), with the same cadence as OO ESS EY.

In deference to the Nationalistic identity crisis we seem to be facing, let’s call this new venture Planetarianism.

One can never go wrong with an ology or an ism.

Right now, a planet-wide pandemic is threatening the globe.

Nation after Nation has proven powerless to stop it.

Planetarians recognize this and are preparing to contend with global reality.

Instead of railing into the darkness about defending borders against microscopic enemies we will move forward, bonded by our mutual understanding.




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