Steve Smyth
1 min readDec 3, 2022



It all comes down to us.

The Future is all about Human Nature.

Can we slow down and smarten up before Climate Change overwhelms civilization?

So far, Human Nature has proven to be full speed ahead, no reverse and no brakes.

It has served us well.

The Human population of planet Earth has doubled in less than a century.

Science and exploration have eliminated countless threats to our existence.

But, we’ve left a real mess in our wake.

The toxic waste generated along the way threatens humanity almost as much as the bad stuff we eliminated.

No more cold dark caves for us.

We want ensuite and open concept with freshly ground coffee and organic muffins.

Where on Earth do all those coffee beans come from?

How many acres of jungle and gallons of petroleum did it take to get that Mug Up from the plantation to your breakfast table?

It’s a losing proposition.

Those who require only the finest will pay ridiculously high prices just to prove they can.

Which leads to the less fortunate storming in, wanting their taste of the good life.

Cold convenience store coffee with a stale donut just don’t cut it.

Ooo, blah dee…ooo blah da.