Introducing the best thing to happen since this pandemic started.

It’s called The Humangasm Wave.

Here’s how it works.

Every day, at 4:00 PM, no matter where you are or what you are doing, stop for an instant and relax by letting out a full tilt AARRGHH!!!

Rattle your bones and let it all out.

Then, gather yourself and go back to whatever you were doing.

There’s no need to remove your mask or shout loudly.

Don’t disperse anything into the atmosphere except the feeling of frustration emanating out of your body.

An hour later it’s 4:00 PM in the next time zone, and so on forever as the Humangasm Wave encircles the planet.

24 hours later it will be your turn again.

The anticipation will become an exciting moment to look forward to each and every day.

By the time a few days have passed and the internet has caught on to the idea, the AARRGHH!!! of frustration will start changing to a contented AAHHH!!!

You’ll be part of something that eases things for everyone.

The Humangasm part kicks in.

As people get a grip on the idea, all sorts of amazing feelings will start to be shared and spread around the globe.

It’s the exact same thing for everyone, no matter your economic status or social standing, with zero politics, national origin, race, or religious belief, and it’s all free.

Just take a moment and let ‘er rip.

It won’t cure the pandemic, but it will ease that ‘hold your breath and wait for the other shoe to drop’ sensation that is affecting everyone right now.

This will give every person on Earth a smile and provide relief from the stress of COVID-19.

Help make it real.


Humangasms for all.

Steve Smyth

Shoreline Earth

Tidal Power…