Hot Streak…

Our long hot streak may be over.

In recent decades we have eliminated so many of the things out there trying to kill us that we’ve become complacent.

Sitting back, all fat and sassy, we stare into our screens and devour empty calories for fun.

There’s been no reason to remain lean and mean, on constant alert, hackles up, prepared for fight or flight at any second.

Relax, somebody will solve the problem.

Climate Change, fuggitabout it.

Never fear.

There are smart people working on that.

We’ll get through it.

We always do.

COVID-19, it’s either fake or easily defeated.

Those 300,000 people aren’t really dead.

Don Boy says so.

Never fear.

Our leaders have it covered.


It’s been so long since real and present danger has prevailed at every moment that many of us now spend big bucks and countless hours seeking artificial thrills to stimulate our adrenal cortex.

It’s human nature to desire that stimulation after millenia of constant vigilance.

Recreational activities that mimic fear response are staples in today’s economy.

Well, guess what.

There’s no reason to pretend anymore.

Mother nature is striking back.

Most of our accomplishments in the realm of safety and security have come at great cost to the natural world.

Deforestation in pursuit of lumber for our warm, toasty homes and farmland to produce the overabundance we crave so much is leaving us in a carbon trap of our own making.

Combine the deforestation with over fishing and using the ocean as a sewer, and we have negatively altered everything around us.

We are running out of greener pastures.

We’ve fouled our niche and there’s nowhere else to go.

Yet, the past few years have seen us rape and pillage the planet at unprecedented speed.

The haves are feathering their nests and the have nots can fend for themselves.

If COVID-19 and global warming kill most of the old, poor, and infirm, so what.

They are a burden on the road forward.

When the Westward Ho pioneers faced decisions about supporting one of their group after an illness or injury, most were left by the wayside to fend for themselves.

It’s not smart to burden the herd with weaklings and stragglers.

That must be our so-called Superior Intellect at work, don’tcha think?

Keep in mind that we anointed ourselves with Superior Intellect.

Other creatures do not look enviously at humans and think to themselves, “Gee, I wish I had that kinda outlook.”

Those other creatures have never let their fight or flight mechanism get worn and rusty from misuse.

Animals in the jungle don’t have weekend gatherings where they pretend to take on nature.

It’s happening all the time without adventure theme parks, 4 wheeling, bungee jumping, or high speed racing.

We love scaring ourselves so we can feel the rush.

It’s human nature.

The above explains the Don Boy phenomenon.

He caught on to the fact that humans love to stimulate their fear response.

It gets the primal juices flowing.

Addiction to fear is the fuel of TRUMPISM.

Some need to feel it, and some love to deal it.

It’s the perfect mass intoxication mechanism.




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