Steve Smyth
Nov 7, 2022


Nancy Libtard bumps into MAGA Mike at work.

Politics go out the window for a short time.

Soon there’s a bundle of joy.

The couple decide to get together and let bygones be bygones.

Give the kidlet a chance.

It’s not easy.

Nancy had never been within ten feet of a firearm.

Mike never missed a chance to make fun of the whole bleeding heart/woe is us outlook.

A Rainbow Coalition flag hangs from the antlers of Mike’s record Elk.

The kidlet wears LGBTQ T-shirts to the firing range.

Mike and Nancy realized that their political differences were chickenshit compared to what the kidlet faced.

We’re all on this rock together, and this rock is changing fast.

Let’s get our shit together for the kidlet’s sake.

Welcome to the great equalizer, the one thing we all have in common…