Acclimate…get used to it…!

Steve Smyth
2 min readMay 3, 2022

Hi, I’m Steve Smyth, Pure Product of America, classic, all original since 1947.

I’ve been a nature guy all my life.

My carbon footprint is harder to find than Bigfoot tracks.

In 2007, upon learning of The Climate Crisis, I wrote…

“There’s a Seachange a comin’, comin’ for us all.

We’re bound to get swept up in it, all ridin’ on this ball.

Since what you see is what you get, learn to see it all.”

Since then, I’ve been studying and writing about change, attempting to ‘see it all’ and pass along what I have learned.

Most importantly, it has become clear that fossil fuel guys will stop at nothing in their quest for wealth and power.

Putin’s war against Ukraine is all about gaining access to The Black Sea.

This will expedite transport of Russian Oil and Gas around the world.

Russia is also developing a fleet of ice breakers, designed to keep the Northwest Passage open for tankers.

Arctic melting, caused by overuse of fossil fuels, is helping to keep the shipping lanes navigable for transport of fossil fuels.

Vlad and his cohorts love man made Global Warming.

Do you really think that young people waving SAVE THE EARTH placards will change the outlook of the fossil fuel guys?

To a man like Putin, those kids look like the urchins in Oliver Twist begging the man for ‘more, Sir’.

Their pleading does nothing more than confirm his power over their lives.

What does he care about what happens to those youngsters?

Their future is not his problem.

He’ll be in his mausoleum before the worst of Climate Change hits the fan.

This is what we are up against.

The guys causing Global Warming love it.

They have all the money, power, and guns.

Welcome to The Last Hurrah.

Earth does not need saving.

We do.