Steve Smyth
5 min readAug 2, 2022


…to adapt to a new temperature, altitude, climate, environment, or situation

Everything is changing.

We need to get used to it and learn to adapt.



Don’t wait.

Don’t wait.

Don’t hesitate.

It’s not too late to change our fate.

All we gotta do is acclimate.


Products derived from petrochemicals make today’s economy possible.

From gasoline and heating oil to the keyboard I’m using, science and industry have found ways to capitalize on every drop of that black sludge we pump from the ground.

Humans have become dependent on petroleum.

The guys who control the flow, control us.

Remember, in the battle to preserve our niche, it ain’t the oil, it’s the oilman.

On the other hand, if not for Kerosene, we would have killed every whale in the ocean for lamp oil 100 years ago.

Go figger!

Life on Planet Earth is changing.

We must adapt quickly or wither and die.

Complex Issue/Simple Choice.


Hi, I’m Steve Smyth, Pure Product of America, classic, all original since 1947.

I’ve been a nature guy all my life.

My carbon footprint is harder to find than Bigfoot tracks.

In 2007, upon learning of The Climate Crisis, I wrote…

“There’s a Seachange a comin’, comin’ for us all.

We’re bound to get swept up in it, all ridin’ on this ball.

Since what you see is what you get, learn to see it all.”

Since then, I’ve been studying and writing about change, attempting to ‘see it all’ and pass along what I have learned.

Most importantly, it has become clear that fossil fuel guys will stop at nothing in their quest for wealth and power.

Putin’s war against Ukraine is all about gaining access to The Black Sea.

This will expedite transport of Russian Oil and Gas around the world.

Russia is also developing a fleet of ice breakers, designed to keep the Northwest Passage open for tankers.

Arctic melting, caused by overuse of fossil fuels, will help to keep the shipping lanes navigable.

Vlad and his cohorts love man made Global Warming.

Do you really think that young people waving SAVE THE EARTH placards will change the outlook of the fossil fuel guys?

To a man like Putin, those kids look like the urchins in Oliver Twist begging the man for ‘more, Sir’.

Their pleading does nothing more than confirm his power over their lives.

What does he care about what happens to those youngsters?

Their future is not his problem.

He’ll be in his mausoleum before the worst of Climate Change hits the fan.

This is what we are up against.

The guys causing Global Warming love it.

They have all the money, power, and guns.

Welcome to The Last Hurrah.

Earth does not need saving.

We do.




We did it!

We have Humanized Planet Earth.

We own it.

The future is ruled by Human Nature.

Good or bad, right or wrong, everything we do is as natural as the Sunrise.

If we destroy our niche on planet Earth, it will be part of the natural course of events.

If we survive and thrive, we’ll owe it all to Human Nature.

Survival of the species drives our actions.

We have doubled our population in less than a century.

Procreation Rules!

All thanks to Human Nature.

Now, many of us foresee doom and gloom as a result of overpopulation.

There are way too many people for the available resources.

We’re running out of room and all of the good stuff is gone.

SUCCESS has become our greatest enemy.

Go figger!


There’s never going to be a vaccine for Climate Change.

The planet does not need saving.

We do.

Man-Made Climate Change is as natural as the sunrise.

We are Nature.

If we greedily destroy our niche on planet Earth, it’s just part of the Natural Course of Events.

Something else will fill the void left by our passing.

Welcome to The Anthropocene.

We did this.

Now what?

The men in charge of The Anthropocene do not worry about ecological disaster.

To them, Nature is messy and dangerous, standing in the way of progress.

There were no trees in The Jetsons.

The planet raping scumbags determining humanity’s future look forward and see nothing.

What do they care?

They’ll be gone before the worst of Climate Change hits the fan.

It’s long been obvious that we’re poisoning our niche in the name of progress.

Excessive use of fossil fuels is clearly bad for us.

There is no easy answer to the Climate Crisis.

Humans have no brakes and no reverse.

It’s just not natural for people to revert in favor of a safer environment.

We must work to develop sustainable alternatives, while we adapt to the changes we’ve already made.

Will our ‘Superior Intellect’ figger it out and rescue us once again?

Or have we pushed the envelope too far this time?

Hopefully, this gives you a clearer picture.

We are in it up to our ears, because we cannot stop ourselves.

For better or worse, Human Nature will prevail.



Above are my latest climate observations…based on what’s been learned over a lifetime, updated by current events.

Here’s an example of some older material on this topic…2014 to be exact…

Our New Ocean: US East Coast Sea Level Rise…The Real Skinny…

Stay Tuned…there’s much more still to come.

We are living through “King Petro Chem’s Last Hurrah”.

His rule will not end peacefully.

Buckle Up and hang on to your hat…here we go…!