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Man-Made Climate Change is as natural as the sunrise.

Our actions, whether good or bad, smart or dumb, are natural.

We are Nature.

If we destroy our niche on planet Earth, it will be part of the…

Vineyard Wind Update…

Since this was first posted, the permitting process has moved forward.

But there is still no answer to questions about how the wind farm will fare in ever strengthening Atlantic hurricanes.

All modeling is based on historical situations, which are meaningless as we move forward.

Just for the record…my opposition…

Our long hot streak may be over.

In recent decades we have eliminated so many of the things out there trying to kill us that we’ve become complacent.

Sitting back, all fat and sassy, we stare into our screens and devour empty calories for fun.

There’s been no reason to…

Introducing the best thing to happen since this pandemic started.

It’s called The Humangasm Wave.

Here’s how it works.

Every day, at 4:00 PM, no matter where you are or what you are doing, stop for an instant and relax by letting out a full tilt AARRGHH!!!

Rattle your bones…


In this age of overzealous Nationalism, we are suddenly faced with COVID-19, the great global equalizer.

Borders be damned.

You can wear your MAGA hats while chanting OO ESS EY forever.

Do you think we can divert the wall funds towards a huge bubble?

How about lining up…

Francis says COVID-19 is Nature’s response to Climate Change.


As for Don Boy’s response, DOUBLE DUH…!

The human population of planet Earth has more than doubled since the end of WWII due to our use of petroleum.

We overdid it as always with the blind faith that somebody will figger it out.

We always do.

Unfortunately, Nature beat us to the punch this time and has chosen to thin the herd.

Politics, economics, and endless blathering are meaningless.

Humans have no brakes or reverse.

We should be able to figger it out from here.

Hang onto your hats…here we go…!!!!

Enuf said.

Forge ahead!

What’s gonna happen to the food and beverage industry after COVID-19?

Simply put, corporate entities will survive and flourish in the distopian future.

TRUMP will own a piece of every one of them.

He has said several times in his daily pressers, “maybe we’ll take a piece of the action”…

It has to be.

There’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.

How’s this for a change?

In the recent half century the Human population of planet Earth has doubled.

Overuse of petroleum resources is fueling this amazing change.

How’s that for a quandry?

Procreation is our thing.

The thrust…

Steve Smyth

Tidal Power…

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